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Join Our Team of Prayer Warriors

What is a Shamar intercessor?

A Shamar intercessor is one who stands guard and is a watchman over the Body of Christ.  They can see and observe activity in the Spirit realm and develop prayer strategies to combat the enemy. The Shamar intercessor is posted strategically around the city gates and walls to intervene on behalf of others with a selfless attitude. They are committed to seeing God’s will
accomplished in the earth. One of their assignments is to sound the alarm of warning against outside attacks and evil influences.

Why are intercessors needed?

Intercessors play an essential role in the body of Christ. They are God’s battle-ax, which He uses to defeat principalities and wickedness, also known as spiritual warfare. They boldly (Hebrews 4:16) approach the throne of grace on behalf of others. Intercessors are gatekeepers who control what is allowed and disallowed on the earth. Just like Christ, they stand in the gap,
dedicating their life to seeing God’s will fulfilled.

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Shamar Intercessors sound the alarm, stand guard, and war in prayer through intercession.


To further the Gospel by guarding the gates assigned to the Promise Life.

We will grow and develop intercessors around the world through prayer and prophetic training. Each Shamar
intercessor will understand the process of prayer intercession and its importance in the body of Christ.


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