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Old Bandages Stink!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Growing up I experienced cuts and scrapes, and my mom would place a bandage over the wound. The bandage would protect the wound, but it was never designed to be a permanent fix. We have enough sense to remove old bandages in the natural. However, when we encounter a cut in our emotions, a bruise of rejection, or a scrap of disappointment we tend to place bandages over them and leave them in place for years. The bandages are those things we use to cope with the pain.

We nurse our own wounds with things that have no ability to heal. The bandages can come in many forms, through overspending, depression, anger, addictions, settling, infidelity, and loneliness just to name a few. It's time to be free of pain and frustration and allow God to mend the broken pieces getting rid of the bandages of depression, regret, and struggle.

When we want to take off the stress of the day one might get a massage or take a nice hot bath. However, how do you deal with the stresses in life that Calgon can't take away?

Mended is a powerful 30-day devotional that is spiritual pampering for the soul. God promises in his word that if we give our burdens to Him in return, He will give us rest. Mended will create an atmosphere where you can expose your wounds in the presence of God, allowing him to remove the bandages!

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