The Birth of a Movement

Faith and determination coupled with perseverance would ensure her arrival to the destination of success.


Tamara Ellison is the CEO and Founder of Tamara Ellison & Co., LLC.


Raised in an impoverished community, Tamara was determined to confront the perpetuated poverty and hopelessness that plagued her neighborhood. At the age 16, Tamara's life would change forever. Defeating the odds stacked against her, being a teen parent and on the verge of being a high school dropout, she decides to do something different. Tamara came to the conclusion that knowledge was the ticket to escape this cycle and her faith and determination coupled with perseverance would ensure her arrival to the destination of success.


Once she reached her goals she knew it was time to empower others, so she founded Tamara Ellison & Company, LLC in 2010 to birth a movement.

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Today’s woman faces the daunting task of juggling all aspects of life. She is the CEO, mom, spouse, chief, chauffeur, student, lover, peacemaker, and the shoulder for everyone to lean on. As she balances everything and everyone else, she is ignoring her emotional and spiritual needs. She doesn’t have time to stop and handle the pain, so she slaps a Band-Aid on it and keeps going.

Mended is a powerful devotional that provides a moment of spiritual pampering that addresses many of the challenges that women are just expected to get over. Why settle for a Band-Aid when God is waiting to heal you where you hurt?

Mended creates a space in time where today’s woman can focus on her emotional and spiritual well-being while providing a safe place to do so; in God’s presence!

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Faith-Based Worskhops

We are excited about the opportunity to connect on  a regular bases through the myriad of faith-based workshops we provide.  For more information and a taste of what's offered - Check out Tamara on YouTube!