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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Valentine's Day causes everyone to focus on love. If you have love, want love, or need love this day brings your "love status" to the forefront, and the areas of deficiency that once were ignored are now the center of attention. There is this overwhelming pressure to be in a relationship and if you aren't, well then something must be wrong with you, so society says. I was a single mom for years and this day that came once a year, brought out all kinds of emotions. I am sure you have experienced a few of them which varied depending on one's "love status." Your feelings leave you playing the game of he loves me he loves me not.


Which is your Love Status?

  • Spoiled - This status doesn't mean you're necessarily happy. It does say that you receive gifts and you can brag to your friends and pretend to be loved.

  • Lonely - This status doesn't mean you have to be single to experience this state. Even people who are in a relationship can be lonely. The void of a body laying next to you can be just as lonely as no one to lay with.

  • Taken - This status can be deceiving, they have a Valentine, someone they can claim, but that is where it stops. The passion and the excitement is declining; however, no one wants to leave, and go back to being single.

  • Satisfied - The name of this status doesn't do it justice. The lack of satisfaction emotionally, sexually, intellectually can lead to break up's. However to be completely satisfied in the relationship is to have no gaps or holes for substitutes (ex. cheating, overspending, or married to one's career). His love fulfills you, and the gifts are a bonus.

  • Wishful - This is not too bad unless you overstay your welcome. The state of Wishful is for those desiring to be in a serious relationship, and have options on the table. She is not desperate, but is careful not to rush or abandon her dreams just to have the status of "Taken." However, if she becomes to "focused" (Self-consumed) those option on the table will soon dry up and wishful can convert into Lonely without warning.


Why do we allow Valentine's Day to bring on so much stress! Simple, everyone want's to be loved. Rejection makes you feel unworthy of something that everyone deserves. The thought of not being loved is painful, and we look for outside sources to occupy a place in our heart's that only God can fill. If God loves you why are you concerned with those who "love you not?" Flowers wither, candies are eaten, and gifts are forgotten but the blood shed for you will never fade away.

Three things will last forever-faith, hope, and love- and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT

On this day, regardless of your "Love Status" know that Christ loves you, and His love will upgrade your love status to a level only you can explain! Single, married, or divorced Christ loves you and proved His words with actions giving you access to a well of faith, hope, and most of all Love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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