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I need more time

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Between cheer practice, dinner, and running a business the one thing I could use is a few more hours in the day. I have 3 planners and notifications but I still seem to run out of time. I am sure I'm not the only one out there who could use a 32 hour day. The new year brings with it a fresh perspective and a new start. I am determined to maximize the 24 hours give with room to spare!

Here are a few things I plan to adjust or eliminate out of my schedule:

Folding clothes that will end up on the floor or back in the wash in a day or so. Seriously, no one truly appreciates it but me and my OCD. Secondly, I am going to limit the amount of time I spend on social media (this will be a tough one). My husband timed me and I was on social media for 1 hour. Lastly, prep my dinners (this one will save time and money) I have 5 crock pots and rarely use them. This would cuts hours out of my day and save money since I use fast food as a back up plan for dinner. I found this cool chicken taco recipe on Allrecipes. The app is more amazing as it list the ingredients and list stores that have those items on sale just in case you need to grab something.

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