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Become the Leader You Were Created to Be

Welcome to Promise Life Leaders

A PROMISE LIFE Leader is a woman who leads a PROMISE LIFE Chapter. 

Whether you want to develop your own leadership, lead a group of peers, build up your church’s women’s ministry,
or mentor others, this network provides you with the tools, training, and connection
with like-minded women to help you lead effectively in your sphere.

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Every Promise Life Chapter is Unique

 Here are some different ways women are leading Chapters in their sphere.

Image by Marc Bustier

The Journey of Becoming a Promise Life Leader

Kelly Parker

Virtual Chapter, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Young Woman with Black Hair

"My Promise Life Chapter is virtual, so we meet online weekly for six weeks through Zoom.


I offer an evening group and a morning group because so many of our women are
in different time zones.


The women attending are women from my church, my community, women I went to high school with and women I have connected with through business."





  • Gather women in your workplace, church, home, or university to go through the curriculum together!



Choose the Promise Life!

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